Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stuck in Chicago

So we flew into Chicago for a quick trip down to West Lafayette to watch the Purdue/Oregon football game (on our way to the east coast). Unfortunately, Chicago's been hit with a lot of rain and flooding. We're staying in a hotel about 100 yards from the freeway, which is open and running fine, but we can't get out of the little hole we're in because all the roads are closed. Argh! The game starts in three hours- I don't think we're going to make it. So the main purpopse of the first leg of our trip (visit Purdue, watch football) was pretty much a bust. We did have a nice visit with Jenny's cousin Adam and had great sushi at Sushi Samba last night, though.

Off to Philadelphia tomorrow (I hope). O'Hare's experiencing lots of delays due to the local weather issues as well as downstream effects from Ike. Ah, joy. At least we don't have a terribly fixed schedule beyond the football game and flight to Philadelphia- everything else is fairly flexible.

More to come...

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