Tuesday, September 2, 2008

PDC 2008

Got my confirmation for PDC 2008 last week- this will be PDC #3 for me. Looks to be good stuff on the sessions they've posted so far. I was dreading staying out by the airport- all the conference-rate hotels near the convention center were booked up by the time I got the OK to go, but they added one more at the last minute. Score!

Most of the people I've met up with in the past aren't able to attend this year- crummy economy, employer politics, whatever. In addition to all the tech content, PDC's a valuable developer networking event- I've met great folks with whom I both learned and shared useful information. Drop me a line if you're going!

Through various working relationships at Microsoft, I've been playing early with some of the bits that'll be unveiled at PDC this year. I can't talk about much yet, but I'm looking forward to the day when I can. We're hoping to have some code ready by PDC that shows off integration with the new mystery technology. Some of these things really are game-changers, and I wish I could ship with them right now!

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