Tuesday, February 5, 2008

PADNUG LINQ/WCF code, presentation notes

PADNUG presentation went pretty well tonight- there were some great questions asked about LINQ and WCF. I hope I answered them to everyone's satisfaction. I only got through about half my content in two hours with all the discussion that was going on, so I guess that alone qualifies as success.

By popular demand, the code for the FoodStorage sample app is available from http://nitzmahone.googlepages.com/foodstorage.zip. Unfortunately, the fully loaded UPC DB backup was still 20MB compressed (too big to upload to GooglePages), so I had to delete all the UPC rows that weren't being used. Still, the structure's intact and the items I've scanned are still all there. My slides (not that exciting- most of the content was the code and my arm-waving) are at http://nitzmahone.googlepages.com/WCFandLINQInWild.pptx.

The app will probably only run "as is" on Server 2003 or Vista (running the web app under IIS, not the VS Webserver), since IIS 5.1 and the VS Webserver can't share HTTP ports across processes. It could be reconfigured to run on XP- only the AJAX samples would fail. This is an exercise for the reader. :)

Thanks to everyone that attended and for the great questions! I really enjoyed it.