Saturday, September 13, 2008

Chicago hotel fun

Boy, this is starting to smack of last year's vacation from hell (right down to Jenny still being on United's "see agent, you must be a terrorist" check-in watch list). Didn't make it to the game, so we were sulkily watching the Purdue/Oregon game from our hotel room on a brand new LG flat-panel that looked and sounded like a bad 70's TV with rabbit-ears. I don't understand why hotels spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to upgrade to flat-panel HDTVs in every room, then leave 1980's analog cable infrastructure to drive them. Anyway, right at the end of halftime, the fire alarm went off. Great. At least I thought to grab the car keys and my wallet, so we didn't have to sit in the lobby for an hour. We went and grabbed some munchies at Walgreen's (the only place we can drive to- everything around O'Hare is hotels and industrial areas, and we're still pretty much flooded in). When we got back, the fire alarms had finally stopped, so we went back to the room. We were greeted with a smell about like wet dog- the "balcony" door was leaking onto the carpet from all the rain. To boot, Purdue's butt-kickin' lead from the first half had evaporated, now tied at 20-20. Grr.

Hope we can just cut our losses and get out of here on time tomorrow.

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