Sunday, January 27, 2008

Startup Junkies is on the air!

Well, on the wire, anyway. The documentary/reality show that's following Earth Class Mail went live on January 24th, and will have a new episode available for the next eight Thursdays at 10pm. Pretty cool of them to make the episodes available online, since the Mojo channel doesn't exactly have the saturation of a Discovery Channel (and isn't even available on satellite). They're available for online viewing at I've seen rough cuts of the first five episodes- so far engineering's only factored heavily in episode 5 (where I make a few fun cameos). Don't know what's happening from there- the camera crews were unfortunately not around for the .NET go-live weekend back in November, so they missed the 26 hour workday, developers catnapping on the floor, billing panics ("pull the plug! pull the plug!"), etc. The cameras will be at the office tomorrow to catch more engineering fun, though, so I'm expecting that we'll show up more in some of the later episodes. It's hard to make typing and whiteboarding interesting, and the cameras aren't there enough to catch the somewhat rarer engineering drama, poo-flinging design meetings, etc. Interesting watching thus far though, anyway (ignore my personal bias, please).

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