Thursday, January 10, 2008

Personal update

Band season's started again- we're playing some fun stuff, but not too taxing this time around.

Biggest current news and suck-hole for available time is that we're moving! We found a much bigger house (4080sf, yow!) very near where we live now. We close mid-February, and will move in sometime after the 1st of March. It's vintage 1972 throughout, so we'll have lots of work once we get in to make it our own. Meantime, we've got lots of work to get our current place ready for sale- it's amazing how you gloss over all the little unfinished projects and dusty corners when it's "home", but when you look with a critical eye, they just go on forever! Anybody want to buy a house?

Holiday break's over- back to the full grind, and hard at work on digital check deposit (among other things). Actually got to take 5 days in a row off, which I haven't done in over two years. The documentary/reality show that focuses on what we're doing at Earth Class Mail begins airing January 24 on the MOJO channel. I've gotten a preview of the first four episodes- it's pretty interesting. Engineering doesn't really start to appear in the storyline much until episode 4, but it's fun to see what goes on behind closed doors on the business side.

I'm giving a presentation at PADNUG next month, covering some of the newest MS technologies we're using at work. I think I've got a fun app to build during the presentation that hits all the major new technologies we're using and allows me to share what I've learned without giving up my employer's secret sauce. :) Just gotta find time to build up all the content before Feb 5.

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