Sunday, March 2, 2008

Personal update

Well, my Bell's Palsy took several weeks to subside, but it finally did. One day I noticed that I could flare both nostrils again (very important, for someone who makes as many faces as I do). Right up there with being able to make symmetric faces- I can make non-pathetic razberry noises, which means I can play again!

Work progresses well on the home fronts (both of them). We're ticking projects off the list left and right at the old place- probably within a couple of weeks of being ready to put it on the market. It's looking GOOD- why didn't I do this stuff years ago??? Meanwhile, we closed on the new house and took possession on 2/29. FIOS TV/internet/phone was immediately installed, and we're hatching plans to de-popcorn ceilings, rip down paneling and strategically place our sparse furniture into this monster of a house. Stories and pictures to follow, I'm sure.

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