Friday, June 22, 2007

"Where did THAT term come from?"

My wife and I are all about trivia. We're faithful Jeopardy! watchers (thanks, TiVo!) and we've recently started playing PubQuiz a bit (our team got schooled last night on "board games" when asked to fill in a blank Monopoly board from memory- who still plays Monopoly???). We have a PC hooked up to our main TV- its primary purpose seems to be fulfilling our trivia jones.

"What other show have we seen that guy in?" - "What year did that come out?" - "'Bob's your uncle?' What the heck is that?"

In addition to the usual standbys (IMDB, Google,, etc), I recently found a site that's dedicated to the origins of words and phrases. Between their official list and their easily-searched forums, I have yet to poke one in that it didn't have. Very satisfying indeed for a family of trivia nerds.

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