Thursday, March 22, 2007


After a number of years lurking in the blogosphere and keeping my writings and doings inside a firewall, I figure it's high time to dip a toe into the bigger world out there. Here's the two paragraph history...

I'm a geek's geek, and I started early- learned BASIC at age 5 on a TI/99-4A, started my first BBS at 9 on a pair of Commodore 64's (you'd think I would've started blogging earlier), and got my first job at a real software company my freshman year of high school. Somewhere along the way, I learned there was more to life than ones and zeroes. Despite aversion to physical activity and the outdoors as a child, at some point I learned to enjoy the natural beauty of the great Northwest and all it has to offer. Perhaps it was the four years in the midwest at Purdue that really made me appreciate what I'd left behind in Oregon. Since moving back in 2000, I've decided I never want to leave again.

Like many geeks, I've also discovered a bit of a creative side while away from the keyboard. I play horn in the Oregon Symphonic Band, and, after marrying a singer, discovered that I too can sing (and actually enjoy it!). I still can't draw a straight line with a ruler, though. Oh well, creativity comes in many forms. Another outlet for mine is the seemingly endless string of home improvement projects at the Davis household. I must have a small ADD streak in me somewhere; I like to start new projects before old ones are finished, as evidenced by the state of my home and the no less than ten outstanding projects at any given time. My wife is a patient woman for putting up with it.

I'm not completely sure yet what form this blog will take. It's likely to be a mix of personal and work, geekin' and not.

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